New Virtual Tour – Gym Induction

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Case Study

Client: TRC

Agency: (self initiated project.)


With the advent of VR we decided it was time to undertake a project which showcased our Computer generated Contextual training environments working in concert with emerging technologies.

Following discussions with a number of personal trainers we came up with a concept based around a branded Gym induction scenario. One that could be used for Staff and Members alike, providing additional value to both the marketing and learning departments of an organisation respectively.

We at TRC visual learning feel passionately that context driven content is key in helping staff to understand and retain information. Our Computer generated tours allow for locations to be designed around the learning content, rather than trying to shoe horn content into a pre-existing photographic tour. This approach works best for franchises and brands where locations may differ in their specific layouts but that follow a generic template.

The info-spots contain information which can be accessed by the learner and presents chunks of information relevant to the object in the scene. The hotspot also tracks which information has been accessed by changing the icon thus ensuring that all content can be viewed easily and without repetition. Media such as video and animation content can be viewed within the info-spots and Documentation in the form of PDF’s can also be downloaded by the learner.

This tour differs from our previous projects in that it is also compatible with mobile phone based VR headsets such as (Google Cardboard). Our UI designers worked hard to create an experience that was as intuitive on the VR side as it was as a PC or tablet based learning environment.